Cquence Helps Upsell $50k Deals

The account management team @ values being a direct point of contact for their customers – running back to back meetings all day to help customers through any sort of growth opportunities or any sort of changes that are happening at their organization.

One of’s main goals is to really drive product adoption with their new features by getting buy-in from critical stakeholders. During a meeting, the account management team pitches new products to the relevant decision makers with the right messaging. After the meeting, they need to stay diligent on the follow up and make sure they get all the necessary information from their customers and provide the necessary information to close a deal.

Before Cquence, Account Manager Katya Bure typically spent 60-90 min every evening crafting email follow ups.’s customers have noticed when Account Managers took too long to send a follow up email. And this impression led to customers shopping for better deals. was losing on urgency as timing was essential to keeping a customer’s focus and attention as priorities constantly change across customer organizations.

5 hours saved per week

With Cquence to help take action on every opportunity, Katya increased capacity by 5 hours every week. This meant Katya could actually focus on revenue-generating activities, like pushing forward with existing deals in the pipeline and re-engaging with stale opportunities.

$50k upsell in days (not weeks)

One of these recent conversations required a fast turnaround to keep deal momentum in the customer’s court. Cquence’s email follow up was ready to go in Katya’s inbox after the call ended. And with just a quick copy and paste, Katya sent the email over to appropriate external stakeholders that led to closing this $50k upsell in just 2 days. These types of deals historically took at least 2 business weeks — and with Cquence, Katya was able to provide the necessary information in a timely manner while still having the relevant stakeholder’s attention to take action on this opportunity.

What’s the difference between Gong and Cquence?

Katya leverages both Gong and Cquence. With Gong, Katya stores historical call recordings, reviews call recordings when she forgets conversation details, and shares call recordings internally / externally. With Cquence, Katya utilizes its action-oriented solution as a way to keep deal momentum moving forward and enable opportunities to reach the next stage.

Overall, Katya sees Cquence as “the future 'you' writing an email follow-up for the present 'you'” — in order to save time and spend the reallocated time actually driving deals forward.

Request a demo – let Cquence save you meaningful time every week so you can also upsell large deals with your existing customers.

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