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Cquence amplifies your storytelling momentum before editing officially begins.
Accelerate your rough cuts, save significant time, and seamlessly integrate your favorite editing programs.

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1. Search

Instantly search your footage by word or quote (automatic audio transcription tags) and by object, entity, location, or action (automatic video recognition tags).

2. Assemble

Quickly assemble your vision into rough cuts throughout all stages of your Documentary for screenings, trailers, festivals, distribution, social media, and fundraising.

3. Collaborate

Easily collaborate in parallel with your team via transcripts, paper / visual cuts, and meaningful tags on timelines / files for exporting to your favorite editing programs.

Used and trusted by directors, producers, editors at companies large and small

Design and discover your Documentary

Cquence scales with projects of all sizes — from 10 hours to 1000 hours of footage.
Let Cquence handle your drudgework so you can get back to higher-order thinking and creativity.

Search for the right moment, right now.

Feeling overwhelmed to start reviewing your footage? Let Cquence help you.

Save significant time and headache using Cquence to find every relevant moment.

Easily import projects with all major file types from 10 hours to 1000 hours of footage.

Instantly search transcripts by word or phrase and videos by object (ie: blanket), entity (ie: doctor), location (ie: hospital), and action (ie: walking).

Your artistic canvas to bring your vision to life.

Worried about distribution, post-production, and a million other things? Start creating selects from your footage and everything else will fall into place.

Visualize your vision with Cquence’s Documentary-friendly workflow.

Build your momentum instead of letting your footage sit on the shelf for months or years.

Assemble rough cuts for screenings, trailers, festivals, distribution, social, and fundraising.

The gift that keeps on giving for you and your team.

Still mailing hard drives, meeting in person, or sharing screens over Zoom out of necessity? Use Cquence instead, it's much easier.

Collaborate in parallel with your producers and editors — anywhere, anytime.

No more carrying hard drives. When one collaborator imports footage, all collaborators have immediate access to it.

Export transcripts, paper cuts, and timelines to your favorite editing programs for publishing.

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Watch below how award-winning filmmaker Peter Gerard leveraged Cquence
to save significant time and headache creating his Documentary about "The Dogfather of Harlem".
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"Without Cquence, it would take me two weeks to go through 50 days of B-roll and transcripts to log everything. Now I don’t need to do that, which is a lifesaver. I need an aerial shot, I can skip the manual review. It’s unbelievable, Cquence is like having a cheat sheet."

"What I love most about Cquence is being able to look at footage without having to get into an edit software — to be able to see it immediately, to have a transcript (which is an amazing function of it), and to be able to maneuver the footage and play with it even roughly to get a sense of what I have. A huge tool for filmmakers to put in their toolkit."

Doug Block
Documentary filmmaker (HBO, Sundance, Silverdocs)

We ❤️ Our Filmmakers
Documentary filmmakers are producing professional and independent projects — shorts, series, features — on Cquence.

Thankful I had Cquence to sort & rectify our footage quickly each day for this high-profile branded documentary client.

It’s amazing I can find exactly what I want. Blows my mind. They were talking about “land acknowledgment”, and there are a couple places in the interviews where they’re talking about it. Literally came up with 5 instances of it. Me not wanting to edit was the sheer amount of time of finding things. Cquence makes it so much easier.

Incredible search function. I save so much time with the transcript search and seamless way to import into Premiere that I always start a project with a huge head start.

I imported hundreds of hours of footage. Love that I'm completing a whole rough cut of my film in Cquence to get the idea of the structure done quickly.

It’s so overwhelming, we didn’t even want to start the project. We had over 10 hours of interviews and 25 hours of b-roll footage. Luckily, Cquence’s near-perfect transcriptions, visual search on the b-roll, and Adobe integration saved our lives. So happy I attended the Cquence talk at the NY Video meetup!

Saw Cquence shared in my design community, so grateful because I pump out 3 videos every day! Cquence saves me 33% of my total editing time for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok videos.

The director's smooth footage hand-off via Cquence let me rapidly create rough assemblies for feedback.

It normally takes at least 6 hours to assemble the best moments for a 2 min video. With Cquence, this process takes less than 30 min!!

Dealing with lots of Zoom footage, Cquence’s collaboration workflow and seamless Adobe integration speed up everything on our team.

I’m super excited because now I can include my writer — he doesn’t know editing software but now he can edit with Cquence.

"Before Cquence, it took me over an hour to find a better version of each word. Cquence has made this much quicker — now it only takes minutes per word."

"Has already paid for itself dozens of times over — the time savings have been phenomenal for us. We deal with hundreds of hours of footage on each one of these projects and searching through all that footage is not just time-consuming, it's really intimidating. The search features and the timeline sharing have been a game changer."

Dom Zerilli
Technical Video Director (Cornell University)

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Fundraising, distribution, and film festivals

Don’t let your footage sit on shelves for months or years anymore.

"I'm a video editor by day and filmmaker by night. Cquence makes it possible to edit complex creative projects on my schedule: it was a lifesaver on a recent festival short."

Ryan Larkin
Award-winning filmmaker
CineSpace, NewFilmmakers LA, Shriekfest

Collaborate with your team

Import footage once, collaborate in parallel forever.

"My producer and I love Cquence for quickly building stringouts from dialogue to make them presentable and seamlessly pass these rough cuts to Adobe Premiere, iterating with every sequence: stringout, rough cut, fine cut, picture lock. The plugin integration with Premiere is solid and reliable."

Arthur Hurley
Senior documentary editor
Machine Age Media

Repackage, repurpose, reuse footage

Create valuable supporting video content over and over again to keep your audience engaged.

"I leveraged my channel’s engagement and viewership metrics from my past videos to find the best moments inside of Cquence for my next video. People really, really liked these new videos. In just two weeks, I gained 12K new subscribers on my YouTube channel."

Alara Dinc
25k YouTube subscribers

We built Cquence for Documentary filmmakers

Our team spent 10+ years filmmaking with hundreds of hours of source footage per project. We were passionate about storytelling but exhausted by the amount of time and headaches necessary to complete each project. We also recognized that existing processes and tools had become obsolete — and as a result, Cquence was born! Our mission is simple:

Democratize documentary filmmaking with an easily accessible yet powerful tool for anyone to design and discover their stories.

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