In 2022, 90% of online course sections contain video.

Video engagement is now the most critical aspect for modern students to engage and succeed in high-priced online courses. Posting a 1 hour lecture online doesn’t mean it’s online learning anymore – today, student retention requires much more thought as content quality, format, and duration all directly impact engagement.

Today’s course creation challenge is delivering quality video content with durations in minutes, not hours. And your department cannot afford to continue relying on complicated status quo solutions or cobbled-together workarounds anymore because:
course creation means video collaboration.

First of its kind, Cquence is a simplified, team-based video course creation software that eases and accelerates collaborative video course creation between all relevant stakeholders like instructional designers, faculty, video producers, and executive directors.


Why eCornell chose Cquence.

eCornell – Cornell University’s award-winning online professional program for external education and certificates – prioritizes speed to market.

325% Faster Course Delivery

Cquence decreases eCornell’s time to market from 6 months to 8 weeks.

270 Hours Saved Per Course

An Instructional Designer quickly creates hundreds of course section videos with efficient Faculty and Video Producer collaboration.

Take control of your course delivery.

Decrease your time to market and increase your portfolio of courses with Cquence.

(1) Import

Import your video & audio footage to be easily accessible from anywhere

(2) Create

Create fast rough drafts directly from transcripts for your video course design

(3) Collaborate

Collaborate asynchronously with your team to iterate on your video course design

(4) Export

Export video course timelines & transcripts to your editing platform

"QA testing" for your course design.

Inviting Instructional Designers to search footage, create a rough idea of their vision from a transcript, and share rough timeline drafts eases the QA process for the rest of your team to collaborate and build trust within Cquence.

Complete Visibility Across Your Courses

Consistency is key – no more falling through the cracks just because everyone is slammed with too many competing priorities.

Async Reviews, Comments, & Approvals

Cquence lets busy Faculty develop new courses in a fraction of the time and remain invested in the asynchronous process from start to finish – all without learning how to create video content themselves.

New courses increase total enrollment.

Expanding your portfolio helps you achieve and surpass your fiscal goals – but higher price points means higher expectations for students.

Time To Market Impacts Bottom Line

Increasing your total number of enrolled, retained, and recurring students directly impacts your bottom line.

Increase Earning Potential For Students

Working professionals looking to pivot, sharpen, and upskill in their career journeys demand a diverse portfolio of available online courses.

Your one-stop shop to deliver courses ahead of schedule.

Don’t let video collaboration delay your course delivery anymore. Get your course videos to the finish line today.

Calculate your return on investment.

Simplify your collaborative video course creation to maximize speed to market, time savings, and revenue.

Why You Need Cquence Today.

Instructional Designers, Faculty, Video Producers, and Executive Directors all benefit from Cquence.

Speed To Market

Speed up your time to market for new courses to surpass your fiscal year quotas.

Expand Portfolio

Expand your portfolio of courses to generate substantially more annual revenue.

Collaborate Asynchronously

Remove friction between stakeholders actively collaborating on your courses.

Streamline Workflows

Ensure consistency throughout all stages of your course design process.

Deliver Early

Avoid missing deadlines due to competing priorities and team constraints.

Ready to see what Cquence can do for you and your team?

If course creation is your bread and butter, then book a meeting now to get the results your team needs today.