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Cquence helps you create your first cut in minutes, not hours.
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Less scrubbing, more editing.

By automatically transcribing and tagging your video, Cquence lets you easily search, drag-and-drop to assemble a rough cut, and export your video to Premiere in one click to finish the edit.

Easy to integrate, even easier to use.

Your entire video creation workflow — simplified.


Upload your footage to Cquence using our fast and bandwidth-efficient desktop app, and get back transcripts and image tags within minutes.


Search across your project — instantly — for the quotes and phrases, objects, and actions you need to tell your story.


Drag and drop transcript rows and specific moments to our timeline. When you're ready, export your rough cut to Premiere with one click to finish the edit.

Trusted by editors and their teams.

Cquence helps accelerate the edit process across a wide range of use cases.

My week is BUSY. Video essays, graphic design, animation, and several client shoots for businesses we’re analyzing and vlogging. On top of that, I gotta pump out 2-3 videos every day. Because of Cquence’s search, I’m able to knock off 33% of my video editing time, creating our video essays and Tik Tok videos.
Hannah Phillips, Video Editor & Graphic Designer
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Piper Creative
Instead of manually selecting in and out points every time the relevant word is spoken aloud, I can simply search, drag, and drop each sub-clip into a Cquence timeline and send that to Adobe Premiere. I work on multiple projects per week and I’d estimate Cquence shaves half a day off of my production schedule per project.
Ryan Larkin, Video Editor & Filmmaker
Creates videos weekly for Netflix's YouTube Channel
I had 2 hours of material to edit into a 3 minute project. And normally I’d just sift through to find the best moments and piece them together — this takes me at least 6 hours. With Cquence, I edited a rough assembly in less than 30 minutes. This gave me more time to polish my edit and iterate with the client for feedback.
Peter Gerard, Video Editor & Media Executive
BAFTA-Award Winning & Vimeo Staff Pick Filmmaker
I’ve been editing a YouTube web series and we have a lot of footage, because each actor has been recording themselves using Zoom. Cquence’s capabilities and seamless Adobe integration has made a huge impact to our team’s workflow --now we can collaborate and edit faster.
Kristin Kohlmeyer, Video Producer & Video Editor
Produces & edits for a YouTube Scripted Series
My Twitch stream has several hundred subscribers, so we’re building out our brand. We play 5 nights per week and each stream is at least 4 hours long. I need to make trailers for our channel -- Cquence saves me hours for every compilation video I make, as I don't have to spend hours combing through my footage to find each moment manually.
Cat Buckley, Twitch Streamer & Video Creator
Creator & Gamer @ BoredingSchool Twitch Channel
Even a simple project takes a lot of time, which is why I just finished a project for a client and I used Cquence from start to finish. Not only was it very easy to find all of my clips but the project took me under 2 hours to complete, which would have normally taken me 4 hours had I not used Cquence. It really is a game changer!
Macgregor Gascoyne, Video Editor & Media Agency
Owns and operates Pixel Production Studios
We had over 2 TB of footage -- 10 hours of interviews and 20 - 30 hours of concert footage b-roll. And going through hours of footage is a time-consuming process. Cquence cut this time down significantly because of near-perfect transcriptions, visual search from the b-roll, collaboration, and the Adobe integration.
Zach Curry, Video Editor & Videographer
Grammy-Nominated Musician Tyler Childers' Documentary
My producer and I love Cquence for quickly building stringouts from people’s dialogue to make them presentable and passing them to Premiere, iterating with every sequence: stringout, rough cut, fine cut, picture lock.
Arthur Hurley, Video Editor & Filmmaker
Senior video editor at Machine Age Media