The connective tissue between your meeting recordings & CRM

Cquence acts as the connective tissue between your meeting recording tool (ie Gong, Fireflies, etc) and your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc). By enriching each CRM field with specific answers unique to your business's sales process, Cquence (1) eliminates the manual grunt work that eats up sales teams' time and (2) ensures consistent pipeline hygiene to accurately predict revenue.
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What our customers say about us

Saves 1 hour every day
"Prior to using Cquence, I was spending upwards of 1 hour every day writing follow up emails to businesses just making sure that I had all the takeaways from our conversations, action items, and next steps. Cquence saves me hours within my week by creating thoughtful, well laid out emails to our businesses that saves me so much time to do proactive tasks. I can’t imagine going back to the old way of manually doing this myself."
Alicia Testani
Senior Account Manager
100% focused and engaged
"Our sales cycles are not short. A decision doesn't happen on one call, discovery goes deeper so it's a compounding effect. Cquence captures what actually was discussed on the call and sends me a buttoned up report that I didn't have to kill my brain to make. I'm trying to engage, talk, etc… there's multi-tasking here. With Cquence, I'm 100% focused and engaged in the conversation, not worrying about if I missed something. In lieu of writing notes, I’m engaged in the conversation."
Gideon Williams
Business Development
Review & push to Salesforce
"Cquence has been great. I’ll just go in, and I’ll copy the majority of the draft from Cquence. Definitely helps cut down a lot of time just remembering what the call’s about, context, and sending a good email follow up. For Salesforce, being able to review and push Cquence’s notes into a Salesforce opportunity has also been extremely helpful."
Travis McKinney
Enterprise Account Executive
Consistent Email Messaging
"Our reps were freed up from anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour of follow up email activity per day AND we got a lot more consistent about sending quality messages with the appropriate level of detail."
Chris Dyer
VP Sales
133% increase in ACV
"Our ACV went up 133% from Q1 to Q2, and Cquence is a part of that because of its structured format that gives so much detail after every call. And our Q2 deal velocity was faster than in Q1 because we didn't have a tool in Q1 that synthesized everything and put it into a consumable format for prospects. Cquence enables our team to come off as more professional than our competitors, and that helps instill a sense of partnership with our customers."
Shaun McAvinney
Head of Sales
Cuts 75% of activity log time
"After the call is done, the normal steps for a sales rep are write an email follow up, update Salesforce, answer all these internal questions asked during the call, and then you have prep work for the next call. Roughly, all those things together take an hour or so – and that's being conservative. With Cquence, I’ve cut that time down by +75% to 10-15 minutes."
Brian Matz
Enterprise Account Executive

How Cquence works in 3 easy steps

Leverage Cquence's follow up content to accelerate sales motions, maximize bandwidth, and increase revenue.

Cquence connects to Salesforce

Cquence fits into your existing workflow and creates value within minutes after onboarding.

Cquence analyzes your meetings

Cquence combines your revenue meetings and unique sales process with our Video Search Generative AI.

Cquence generates your Salesforce content

Cquence sends you high-quality, near-finished email follow ups and Salesforce updates after every revenue meeting.

Our integrations

Cquence seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, making it easy to generate near-finished, high-quality content after every sales & customer success meeting.

Speed up deal velocity + Increase ACV

Speed is a competitive differentiator. When your team quickly responds to prospects with tailored content, your prospects feel heard and that moves deals faster through the pipeline.

Streamline consistent & healthy pipeline hygiene

Increase visibility by reporting accurate Salesforce data to relevant stakeholders — without user errors, last minute scrambling, or manual form filling.

Save 75% of your time after every meeting

Receive thoughtful, well-arranged email follow ups and Salesforce updates so you can focus on proactive tasks — rather than constantly listening to Gong, transferring notes, and writing a perfect follow up from scratch.

Add horsepower to your existing revenue engine

There's only so many deals one human can work on — scale your sales motions and maximize opportunities to earn revenue.

Add Immediate Horsepower Now

Automate your critical post-meeting tasks to improve follow up quality, streamline pipeline hygiene, and reduce the time it takes to execute your sales & customer success motions.