More horsepower, same engine

36 minutes

Time savings from eliminating 90% of manual activities after
every sales meeting


More availability to prospect & generate new pipeline

2.3 extra deals

Closed per quarter by focusing on highest impact sales activities

How it works

(1) Talk

That's it. Talk. Your reps don't have to do anything differently. They just talk like they usually do.

(2) Analyze

Cquence automatically transcribes and analyzes your sales meetings with Artificial Intelligence.

(3) Generate

Cquence generates timely follow-ups tailored to your last conversation and your sales process.

Loved by revenue teams

Before Cquence, 15% of my pipeline never even received a follow-up and I’d freak out when I had 4-5 sales meetings per day. Now that Cquence cuts at least 40 minutes per meeting follow-up, I have 6 extra hours to prospect every week. As a result, I close 3-4 extra deals per quarter with Cquence.

John Popham
Account Executive

My favorite reason why I love Cquence is I can now have the time to really see what happened on a call. I can do a deal review In just 5 minutes. A 30 to 40 minute call in 5 minutes. I can see, 'all right they did a lot of things well, but missed a huge opportunity right here'. Cquence gives me a much greater insight as to how each rep is doing by pulling out the key insights from their meetings.

Al Rosenbaum
SVP Sales & Customer Success

Cquence is a major time-saver so you can put your time and energy elsewhere. Now I'm essentially able to do more money-making work. Not to mention my calendar is back-to-back meetings every day. Instead of losing momentum by sending all my follow-ups at night, Cquence drafts my follow-ups and all I need to do is press send.

Shane Swanson
Senior Account Executive

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