How Elementl Leveraged Cquence to Increase ACV by 133%

The inboxes for the sales team at Elementl were overflowing with email follow ups that needed to be sent to their prospects. Because they were constantly behind schedule, the sales team was working in the evenings just to get email follow ups done – even sending critical follow ups 1-2 days after each sales meeting.

How deals slip through cracks

And the sales team was missing critical details in most follow ups because they were constantly context-switching from back-to-back meetings all day. As a result, deals slipped through the cracks – leading to “double emailing” prospects or scheduling extra calls just to clarify miscommunications.

Shaun McAvinney, Head of Sales at Elementl, looked at Cquence as the solution to their email follow ups problem. They integrated Cquence into their sales toolchain (Gong / Salesforce) and sales playbook (Elementl’s unique follow up templates).

Increasing ACV by 133%

After connecting Cquence, Elementl saw their average contract value increase by 133% from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023. Cquence is a major part of the increase in ACV because Elementl’s sales team now sends out ‘more professional’ emails – chock-full of well-written, contextual content that the client and Elementl talk about during every meeting. Elementl’s sales team leverages Cquence from intro call through close in 90% of their deals to send faster follow ups with minimal-to-no editing required (and usually within 30 minutes of every meeting).

Close more deals faster

With Cquence synthesizing everything discussed and putting relevant next steps and deliverables into a consumable format for prospects, Elementl’s sales team now comes off as more professional than their competitors. This directly helps Elementl instill a sense of partnership with their new clients, which is why they close more deals faster.

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