Deepgram Manages 25% More Pipeline + Saves 45 Minutes Per Meeting With Cquence

After finishing a sales meeting, Deepgram’s reps typically need to send a personalized email follow up, update Salesforce, answer internal and external questions related to the call, and prepare for their next sales meeting. All of these manual sales motions add up to 1 hour for every meeting.

Manual sales motions take 1 hour per meeting

Deepgram’s sales reps need to populate 20+ fields in Salesforce after every sales meeting – to ensure opportunities are qualified and relevant details are available for all lines of business. But manually filling out those details is cumbersome and takes significant time, because they need to manually rewatch the Gong recording and review ‘chicken scratch’ notes.

Executives and managers at Deepgram need an updated Salesforce to maintain healthy pipeline hygiene for reporting, forecasting, and growth. While sales reps recognize the importance of pipeline hygiene, they often focus on higher urgency sales motions like drafting the perfect email follow up because fast turnarounds will improve conversion rate. So updating Salesforce gets deprioritized to nights and weekends – and sometimes forgotten about altogether.

Salesforce needs to be up-to-date

There’s only so many deals a rep can work on – Deepgram’s sales reps had limited bandwidth in Q4 2022 and were only sending email follow ups to 80% of their prospects, leaving revenue on the table.

Brian Matz and Andrew Miller-McKeever (both Account Executives at Deepgram) looked at Cquence as a solution to streamline consistent pipeline hygiene without any manual effort (because Cquence can automatically populate every Salesforce field from meeting recordings). Not only does automating Salesforce population increase visibility and provide valuable data for leadership, but AEs like Brian and Andrew saw this as an opportunity to scale high-quality messaging across all of their prospects / customers.

Manage 25% more pipeline

After integrating with Cquence, Brian and Andrew each cut down the time to execute on all of their sales motions from 1 hour to 15 minutes – saving 45 minutes (75% of their time) after every sales meeting. Andrew and Brian can quickly add what they need to Cquence’s email follow up draft, send it off to 100% of their prospects within minutes after each meeting, and effortlessly update Salesforce to maintain pipeline hygiene.

2x deal size

Additionally, Andrew doubled his ACV from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023 by leveraging Cquence’s high-quality, near-finished content to drive urgency and ensure the customer’s needs were in alignment with the solution he was selling. With Cquence at his fingertips, Andrew was able to quickly focus on his most important deals and grab exactly what mattered from Salesforce for consistent messaging back to the customer.

Request a demo – let Cquence show you how you can manage 25% more pipeline and save 45 minutes on your sales motions after every sales meeting.

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