Why We Started Cquence

Larry Rosenzweig
CEO, Cquence
March 16, 2021    ~3 min read

I fell in love with storytelling the first time I stood behind a camera in 2009. And I’ve been a filmmaker and video editor ever since. I remember that first day wondering for an hour why the camera’s viewfinder was black — only to realize I didn’t take the lens cap off. Learning by creating was the most magical form of expression I had felt in my life, and I was instantly hooked — not just by storytelling but by the tools used to tell stories.

There are all types of well-known desktop video editing programs today — Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, etc… I came up using these programs. But after a decade of using them, I started asking myself “what if the fundamentals are wrong?”

Video Editing is Really, Really Hard

Why was it taking me hours and hours to log detailed notes for all of my footage? If I didn’t review my footage upfront, then my editing was disorganized and I’d pay for it later. If I did review my footage upfront, it was taking too much energy and time. Either way felt like a lose-lose situation, and I was easily demotivated at the onset of editing my video projects. The organizational step became a full-time job, and there was no way I could afford to hire an assistant editor.

Project organization is super important. Video editors structure bins in specific ways, and it’s really time-consuming. Sometimes projects are collaborative, and other times you have to sync footage based on multiple cameras and audio devices. There’s too much preparation before the creativity begins — which got me thinking, the process was bottlenecked and broken.

Reimagining Video Creation

The progress of technology means now is the moment to change. Today’s video creators should no longer be dealing with flaws from programs built 20 years ago. Re-watching hours and hours of b-roll over and over is just a waste of your time when you could be doing higher-order thinking — like polishing your edit, creating more video content, and maximizing your creative capabilities.

The goal is to dramatically reduce or eliminate the time spent organizing footage into bins, memorizing hours of footage you’ll never use, and taking notes in spreadsheets. We should get back to doing the work we love, not the drudgework.

In 2019, I was fed up and desperate for a solution. I scoured the Internet and was constantly asking other video editors on forums and at meetups. Everyone was facing the same challenges, but none of us could find a solution. Out of desperation, Cquence was born.

Fast. Intuitive. Collaborative.

I wrote the first line of code for Cquence because I wanted to fundamentally reimagine the video creation experience. Our mission is to cut through the drudgework and get from source footage to assembly cut as quickly as possible. Video is still really hard. The fundamentals are broken. That’s why we’re reimagining video creation from the ground up, the only way we know how. Fast. Intuitive. Collaborative.

Cquence has come a long way over the last two years. Don’t get me wrong, our team is still working around the clock to make your workflow even faster. If you’re already using Cquence today, thank you for helping us build and constantly improve our product. Check out our latest updates by launching your desktop app. If you haven’t tried Cquence yet, we invite you to join us. We’d love to hear your thoughts as we continuously improve the product.