Repurpose Your Most Valuable Assets: Video Content

Larry Rosenzweig
CEO, Cquence
May 6, 2021    ~3 min read

If cats have 9 lives, so do cat videos.

But really, video content can be repurposed, repackaged, and reused from all angles — many times over. Repurposing video content has become an absolute core strategy for building successful video channels today.

So what does this mean for a video creator?

Without a searchable platform-agnostic archive, a video creator is effectively locked out of their most valuable assets. Think about it like this: if you’re a painter and you leave nearly-full paint bottles open after completing your current painting, then your paint dries up and you’re unable to reuse it for your next 5 canvases. What a waste!

Leaving footage on the table is leaving money on the table.

Cquence makes your valuable footage 10X more valuable.

Just ask Chief Creative Officer @ Piper Creative Hannah Phillips who does it all — video creation, podcasts, design. Not only does Hannah leverage Cquence to work closely with their clients on creating video content for multiple channels, but she uses Cquence to repurpose footage from past projects with these clients.

"Cquence gives me a lot of bang for my buck. I create the full length episode of The Rundown inside of Cquence and publish that to YouTube. Then I repurpose the tagged and transcribed footage inside of Cquence as microcontent for LinkedIn and Tik Tok. I’m so busy and have so many responsibilities. Cquence is insanely valuable for me.”

It’s challenging to create meaningful video content for one — let alone — multiple channels.

When footage is tightly-coupled to a single project or channel, it’s virtually impossible to repurpose it again, locking creators out of significant expansion potential. That's why YouTube vlogger Alara Dinc takes full advantage of Cquence — and even connects her channel’s analytics into her video creation workflow.

“I leveraged my YouTube channel’s engagement and viewership metrics from my past videos to find the best moments inside of Cquence for my next video. I was able to quickly create a series of videos using Cquence and discover all of these amazing moments I forgot I even recorded. People really, really liked these new videos. And in just two weeks using Cquence, I gained 12K new subscribers on my YouTube channel!”

These days, footage is sourced from all over — live streams, phones, cameras, Zoom calls.

It’s a nightmare keeping track of it all across hard drives, SD cards, and cloud storage. The status quo stinks — forget about reusing that perfect opening shot...or finding that insert close up...or sharing that specific clip for a promo. But luckily, we can offer you a new path forward 🙏

Build your searchable archive with Cquence today to quickly repurpose your video content and scale your video strategy across all of your social channels!