How to easily relink your footage in Cquence

Larry Rosenzweig
CEO, Cquence
July 28, 2021    ~3 min read

Files move. Folder names change. Hard drives and SD cards connect to different computers.

At this point, video editing platforms like Adobe Premiere have made it straightforward for video editors to relink their footage in the above scenarios.

And with our latest product update, so has Cquence ✅

Here’s a step-by-step guide to relinking your local footage in Cquence:

Step 1: Assemble your story

We enable relinking for files in your timeline ready to export from Cquence to Adobe Premiere.

Step 2: Export to Adobe Premiere

Select ‘Export’ -> ‘Premiere Pro (Plugin)’ and your unlinked files will turn red.

Step 3: Select your file

Select a red file in your timeline to open the transcript view.

Step 4: Relink your file 

Relink the current file in the transcript view by selecting the new file path.

And just like that, your file is relinked! Repeat steps 1-4 for all files in your timeline to successfully export from Cquence to Adobe Premiere.

Ready to create videos from different computers? Edit solo or with your team on Cquence across different computers today!