Frankenbiting: Or, How I use Cquence to edit every “the”, “and”, & “even”

Larry Rosenzweig
CEO, Cquence
July 22, 2021    ~2 min read

Traditionally, videos are built like Frankenstein’s monster.

Mixing and matching audio takes just to create a single sentence... Grabbing random establishing shots & inserts from old projects on hard drives just laying around... This exhausting workflow is often referred to as “Frankenbiting”.

“Frankenbiting” is the process of editing two or more sound bites together to create a story efficiently and dramatically, fix grammar, or create a different result. With large amounts of source footage, “frankenbiting” is a popular workflow amongst video creators today for creating engaging and salient short form video content.

But, it’s not fun.

For example, you might be replacing a “the” that had poor audio quality from one take with a different “the” spoken by the same person from a better quality take. Frankenbiting takes a long time and is often done over and over again; otherwise, the quality of the work suffers.

We got great news! Those days are over.

Cquence enables video creators to frankenbite dramatically faster, searching for the best versions of specific words across their footage. Just ask Craft WW video creator Lia Kastrinakis, who loves Cquence for frankenbiting specifically:

“Thinking about every time to manually look through whole interviews to find certain moments. I’m usually looking for words for specific sound bites — literally wiring two words together. I’m often searching through the footage for every time someone says “even”, “and”, or “the”. Using “the” as an example, I select the sequences for “the” and export them from Cquence to Adobe Premiere. And I do this a lot. Before Cquence, it took me over an hour to find a better version of each word. Cquence has made this much quicker — now it only takes minutes per word.”

If you want to save significant time and produce the best-quality videos like Lia, sign up for Cquence to accelerate your video editing workflow today.