Cquence & Adobe Premiere: Your Next Creative Duo

Larry Rosenzweig
CEO, Cquence
March 24, 2021    ~3 min read

When I think of creative duos, I think of the people: music (Simon & Garfunkel), comedy (Tina Fey & Amy Poeler), film (Martin Scorcese & Robert De Niro).

Creative platforms are pairing up too for a creative one-two punch. Good news, today we’re bringing the video duo to you. It’s time to transform your video workflow with your new creative duo:

Cquence & Adobe Premiere

Our team has been editing video on Adobe Premiere for the last 8 years. We understand the good’s and the bad’s. That’s why our team built the workflow we always wanted in Adobe Premiere, with Cquence as the new first step.

You can use Cquence & Adobe Premiere seamlessly together through either our Creative Cloud plugin or our XML integration. So let’s dive in.

Cquence & Adobe Premiere side-by-side workflow.

Step-by-Step: Cquence & Adobe Premiere

If you haven’t signed in yet, download Cquence here to sign up.

Next, import your footage into Cquence.

Drag-and-drop your files into Cquence.

Once your footage is imported, you can quickly edit your rough assembly by searching for what you see and hear.

The top section contains search results from audio transcription, and the bottom section contains search results from video objects, locations, and concepts.

Now that you’ve completed your rough assembly, it’s time to export Cquence to Adobe Premiere using our (1) Creative Cloud extension or (2) XML integration.

(1) Creative Cloud Extension

You can find the Cquence extension for Adobe Premiere here.

Step 1) Select ‘Free’ to install the Cquence extension, which brings you into the Creative Cloud Desktop application (make sure you’re logged in).

Install Cquence plugin by selecting 'Free' in the top right.

Step 2) Once you’re inside of the Creative Cloud Desktop, complete installing the Cquence extension.

Follow the steps above to install the Cquence extension.

Step 3) Now restart Premiere and make sure the Cquence extension exists in Premiere (no need to select it because it runs in the background).

To make sure the Cquence extension is installed successfully, select "Window" > "Extensions" > "Cquence".

Step 4) Export your timeline with one click from Cquence to Premiere.

Now that you have confirmed the plugin is installed locally in Adobe Premiere, select 'Export' -> 'Premiere Pro (Plugin)' option inside of Cquence.

(2) XML Integration

Step 1) You can export XML from Cquence to Premiere as well.

Choose a filename for your Cquence -> Adobe XML file.

Step 2) Import XML into Adobe Premiere by selecting ‘Import’.

Step 3) Then find the XML on your filesystem and import into Premiere.

Step 4) And the XML brings in your rough assembly.

Wrap Up

And that’s it! Whether you use our plugin or XML extension, Cquence dramatically speeds up your workflow so your timeline can be ready for fine-tuning in Premiere!

Working with Cquence & Premiere together is a game-changer. And we’re just getting started. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve your video editing workflow to be even faster and easier, please let us know.