Cquence is the fastest and simplest way to assemble your first cut.



Fast, automatic transcription generates searchable and exportable transcripts. Update and annotate the transcripts with your own text edits.

Object Recognition

Automatic object recognition tags common objects in your footage.

Processing Optimization

File compression and upload management makes for quick imports, regardless of source file size or bandwidth.


Local Transcript Search

Use local search to find the exact word or quote in a transcript you're looking for. It's control+f for your files.

Visual Search

Search for visuals down to the second, and rapidly find the visual moment you're looking for.

Global Search

Look through all your Cquence files at once, searching across transcripts and object tags. Find not only the exact files, but the exact moments in each file that match your search.


Drag and Drop Editing

Drag and drop files, transcript rows, and search results straight into the timeline, to create rough cuts, paper cuts, and stringouts.

Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

One-click export the timeline via the Cquence Premiere Plugin to send both the timeline and the original source files to Premiere, so you can finish the edit.